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Welcome to Fort Saskatchewan

By on March 26, 2014

Fort Saskatchewan is a city in Alberta, Canada, situated 25Km northeast of the city limits of Edmonton (Capital city of Alberta province). The mighty North Saskatchewan River is just adjacent to the city. A convenient location with an idyllic country-style setting, the city encapsulate all the modern facilities of a big city. Although the population is only 21975 as per the 2013 municipal census, the city is part of the Edmonton census metropolitan area and is one of the municipalities, which makes up the Capital Region Board (CRB) in Alberta.

Fort Saskatchewan’s Strong Economic Base

Fort Saskatchewan is surrounded by some of the famous petrochemical facilities in Canada. Some of which include the Shell Canada, Agrium, Sherritt International and Dow Chemicals. The Dow Centennial Centre was a gift from the petrochemical giant Dow Chemical to the community of the region. It is a very popular venue for various concerts and performances. Even though the city houses some of the petrochemical giants in the world, it is also known for its flock of 50 sheep that roams around the downtown park, searching for grass during the summer months. In fact, the city mascot is a sheep named Auggie.


Historical Fort Saskatchewan

The history of this city dates back to the year of 1875, where it was established as a fort on the North Saskatchewan River by Inspector W.D. Jarvis of the Northwest Mounted Police (NWMP). It became a village in 1899 and a town in 1904. Finally it was converted to a city 1985. The city’s main economic activities are based on commercial and heavy industries. It is a part of Alberta’s industrial heartland, which is one of the largest industrial areas in Canada. English is spoken by more than 92% of the population in this city. French also could be spoken by a certain percentage of the population.


Fort Saskatchewan’s Dow Centennial Centre

The center-piece of the city is the Dow Centennial Centre (DCC). It is a multi-use facility which contain a gymnasium, an ice arena, an indoor track, a fitness center, a field-house and a 550-seat performing arts center. A permanent art gallery with monthly shows, a local pottery guild and a banquet hall were added to this multi-purpose complex later on. The city also has a harbor pool; an indoor swimming pool that includes sauna, slide and a hot tub. The city has a dozen of parks, and the Legacy park is considered the city’s main gathering area, which host various festivals during summer time. There are four golf courses located around the city with one nine-hole golf course situated near the city boundary. The Fort Saskatchewan Museum which was opened in 1909, is another attraction in the city. It is highlighted on the Canadian Register of Historic Places. The west-end of the city features a boat launch into the North Saskatchewan River, which is called the Red Coat Landing. The west-end of the city also houses a natural habitat that is preserved by the provincial authority, which is named the Fort Saskatchewan Prairie. All these are great attractions for anyone planning to tour this beautiful city in Alberta, Canada.


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