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Fort Saskatchewan Retired citizen artist reveals work at city hall (Gallery).

By on April 15, 2014

With its new restorations,Fort Saskatchewan‘s municipal government now has a place for a little art exhibit, and this month brings long-time local Jack Twells to the area.

Twells has been in the community for about 35 years, but painting has just become a major hobby in the past couple of years because he retired from a position with Dow.

He discussed his interest in art started with a watercolor course about 10 years earlier. From there, he took even more courses, and they piqued his interest in the pastime as a potential retirement activity. He joined a Redwater art club about 2 years ago, which has actually caused Twells painting on a regular basis.

Twells said he uses painting as a retirement diversion that assists pass the time however also provides a sense of achievement for his efforts.

Another need to paint for Twells is developing a connection with the art on his walls, including he has no interest in hanging random prints on his walls by well-known artists. Rather, he feels having a connection to exactly what’s on your house’s walls is necessary, whether you’ve developed it yourself, been to a place, or understand the piece’s developer.

The works Twells has on display have actually originated from a variety of sources. He has some pieces he did as class asssignments, however he likewise has his own paintings of pictures he’s seen and photos he’s taken.

Amongst the pieces on display are a watercolor recreation of a well-known National Geographic publication cover that Twells felt turned out well. There’s also a painting of some waves that he based off his own photos taken in Tenerife in the Canary islands.

Twells had actually never ever prepared for showing his art in an exhibition, but city Cultural and Historic Precincts Manager Diane Yanch saw his work hanging in his home and motivated him to share his work.

While he has no illusions about being an up and coming artist, Twells stated he thinks his exhibit can be an inspiration for other retired people searching for something to do with their time.

Below are some of Twells works on display in town hall until the end of April.

Local Retiree artist work

Local Retiree artist work

Retiree artist shows work

Retiree artist shows work

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